Aluminum Die Casting: High-Pressure Technique for Uniform Parts with Accurate Dimensions

2023-04-26 23:34:20 By : admin
WCM Aluminum Die Casting - Delivering Precision Casting Solutions Worldwide

WCM Aluminum Die Casting is a leading aluminum casting foundry with a proven reputation of quality and reliability in the manufacturing industry. The company has a track record of consistently delivering precision aluminum casting products for a wide range of industries, including the lighting, medical equipment, transportation, and 3C products sectors.
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Using cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, the company offers a complete range of die casting and machining services designed to meet the unique needs of its clients. The company's highly skilled team of engineers and technicians works with clients to develop customized solutions that meet their unique requirements, from design to tooling to production.

Die Casting Process

Die casting is a highly effective manufacturing process that is similar to permanent mold casting, except that the metal is injected into the mold under high pressure of 10-210 Mpa (1,450-30,500 psi). This results in a more uniform part, generally good surface finish, and good dimensional accuracy, as good as 0.2% of the casting dimension. For many parts, post-machining can be totally eliminated, reducing costs and production time.

WCM Aluminum Die Casting is recognized for its expertise in aluminum die casting, delivering custom solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our solutions range from design and tooling services to CNC machining and finishing. We work with top-tier and OEM manufacturers to provide high-quality aluminum parts that meet compliance requirements and deliver strong performance.

Our Products

WCM Aluminum Die Casting offers a complete range of aluminum die casting solutions that are suitable for use in various industries. The company offers customized aluminum die casting parts that meet the unique requirements of our clients, including:

- Lighting products: Our lighting products feature high precision, superior quality, and long service life. Our expert team can produce customized parts for any lighting fixture, from housing to reflectors.

- Medical equipment: Our medical equipment is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. We offer a range of parts for medical equipment, including housings, controls, and other components.

- Transportation: We provide aluminum parts that meet the high-performance requirements of the transportation industry. Our expert team works with our clients to deliver customized parts that meet their specifications.

- 3C products: WCM Aluminum Die Casting provides a range of 3C products, including casing assemblies, connector shells, and power supply components. Our products are designed to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring precise fit and finish.

- Electrical accessories: Our electrical accessories range from switchgear to circuit breakers, and are designed to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

- Machinery parts: Our expert team can manufacture a wide range of machinery parts for use in different industries, including oil and gas, mining, and agriculture.


WCM Aluminum Die Casting is a reliable partner for top-tier and OEM manufacturers worldwide. Our services include design, tooling, prototype, and production, all backed by our expert team that delivers customizable solutions to meet clients' specific needs. With years of experience in the industry, WCM Aluminum Die Casting is committed to delivering high-quality aluminum die casting solutions that comply with international standards and provide strong performance.